Instant Win Games
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Instant Win Games

The name itself is glittery enough to bring a shine in the eyes of players. Doesn’t matter if you are a regular casino player or, you have played a casino game before. Instant win games are easy for most and fun for all. 

We, at Winissimo Casino, strive to bring easy gameplay and great payouts for our beloved players. And in doing so, Instant win games are a champion in themselves. Hence, we bring to you an amazing list of instant win games that are sure to allure you with their design and mind-boggling payouts. Let us see how they do so.

Key features of instant win games at Winissimo

If we try to describe what an instant win game consists of, it won’t have much to say as the games are a minute or less long for completion. However, as we come to the features, they are a major here.

  • Instantaneity

    The first feature that makes instant win games special are their small gameplay. Unlike other games like online blackjack or even less time-consuming games like roulette, these instant games take less than a minute to get over. This means that you can play several rounds of small bets before your daily gambling time expires. 

  • Enthralling design

    The second key feature is its design. Instant win games are designed in a way that they bring together the fun of casino games with a foreign theme. You might find an instant game based on your favourite comic character, or on starry mythology. 

  • Simplicity

    The third and the major feature which gives these games an edge over other casino games is their simplicity. Instant games are so easy to understand that you start playing the game immediately after looking at it. No rule books required. You call online roulette, online bingo or even online baccarat as the easiest game, instant win games will surpass them in simplicity. 

Types of Instant Win Games

Instant win games can be of various kinds. The range of instant games is not limited to cards or tables. Any game that has the simplicity and instantaneity of letting the players win instantly, falls under the category. Here are the different types of instant win games you can find at our casino. Have a look!

  • Slot games – There are certain simple slot games that only ask you to place your bet and then click on the spin to get your result. 
  • Dice games – These dice games are not like the game of Ludo or Snakes & Ladders, where you would have to clear houses or climb up the ladders. These dice games are as simple as throwing the dice and getting the result of your bet. All you need to do is place the bet on the outcome. 
  • Scratch card games – We all have once played or availed something that has a scratch card prize. Here also, the procedure is to scratch the given card in the game and you can win your rewards if you have the lucky numbers/symbols. 
  • Spin wheel games – There is nothing hiding behind the wheel of such games. The reward you hit after spinning the wheel can be yours under the terms and conditions laid by the game. 

How to play these games at our casino

We know that all the benefits and features of these games have got you excited and now you want to know how and where you can play these games.  So here where Winissimo comes to your rescue. 

  1. As soon as you sign-up with our online casino, providing all the necessary details and clicking on log-in. You will be brought to the home screen of our site.
  2. Right at the home screen, is this exciting section of instant games under the Instant Win category on the top.
  3. Click on it to go to the game gallery. 
  4. Here you can choose an instant game that attracts your interest. Place the bet and start playing now!

The future of Instant Win Games

Instant win games are changing the way people looked up to the casino games. The instantaneity these games bring along with the huge reward winning opportunities is something that the players are not used to. The casino games are known to have long gameplays and hours of gambling sessions. Coming to a zone where the games take no time can be a completely new experience. However, the online gambling world has been capable of making gambling fast, the best way is to join the journey and make it easier. 

Why play instant win games at Winissimo

The benefit of playing instant games at Winissimo is that you get all the benefits of our casino as a complimentary dish with the amazing game. You are subscribed to all the perks that a new casino is capable of providing. From security to 24×7 availability, casino bonuses, pay via phone and convenient payment options. 

Our casino is a leader when it comes to all the afore-mentioned features as we provide bonuses from the time you enter the casino to the time you decide to leave (we hope that never happens). Log-in to our casino any time of the day, and you will find our casino right at your service. Since our casino is licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority, the world’s biggest gambling regulatory body, your details and money are never at stake. Make your deposits from the best payment methods like Visa, PayPal, PaySafeCard and Neteller and enjoy the instant win games with incredible ease. Talking of ease, we have something more for you.

Play instant win games on your mobile

Yes, you are reading it right. Our casino is also compatible with a mobile phone, and so are the instant win games. Type the URL in your mobile browser and log-in to your casino account to play at our mobile casino. Now you can follow the same ‘How to play’ steps instructed above to play your favourite games, with a little more ease. Mobile compatibility adds a new dimension to the comfort of our players and we are proud of it. Don’t miss this chance, play now!

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